Wednesday, November 14, 2012

British Think Tank Postpones Petraeus Award

Here is what AFP is reporting:
A leading British defence think-tank said on Wednesday it had postponed the presentation of its highest award to former CIA chief David Petraeus after he was involved in a sex scandal.
The retired US general had been due to visit London in late November to receive the Royal United Services Institute's (RUSI) Chesney Gold Medal Award for his counterinsurgency strategies in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"In light of recent developments, the presentation on Nov 26 of the Rusi Chesney Gold Medal for General Petraeus' distinguished lifetime service and contribution to international defence and security will now be postponed," Rusi said in a statement.
"The presentation of the award to General Petraeus will take place on a date to be determined, in early 2013, at the Tower of London." Previous recipients of the award include British prime ministers Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.
Here is the media announcement by RUSI.

RUSI is considered the 44th best non-US think tank in the world according to the latest raking conducted by the University of Pennsylvania.  It is also considered the 20th best security and international affairs think tank in the world.

In more RUSI news, RUSI Japan was launched in October in Tokyo.

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