Friday, February 21, 2014

Best Tweets About Dalai Lama Event at AEI

The Dalai Lama was talking happiness this week at the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI).  Here are Think Tank Watch's favorite tweets from that event:

Here is what The Daily Caller had to say about the AEI event.  Here is what The Washington Post had to say.  Here is what The Wall Street Journal had to say.  Here is what National Review Online had to say.  Here is how Business Insider covered the event.  And a piece from The Daily Beast.

Chris Moody of Yahoo News had some deep insights about the event:
So a French hornist, an economist, a billionaire, a psychologist and the Dalai Lama walk into a conservative think tank…
Actually, this really happened Thursday in Washington, D.C., when the Dalai Lama joined a group of thinkers at the conservative American Enterprise Institute for a forum about “happiness, free enterprise and human flourishing.”
In the audience sat Washington lobbyists, libertarians, conservatives, peace activists and yoga instructors--a truly unusual coalition for a morning policy discussion in the nation's capital city.
Sharing a room with the Dalai Lama and Grover Norquist at the headquarters of the organization that helped start the Iraq War may sound like a surrealist drug trip on the backpacker trail to Dharamshala. But believe it or not, common ground does exist between the red-robed Tibetan holy man and the right-wing wonks who asked him to speak.

The full Dalai Lama event can be viewed here.