Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Think Tank Quickies (#117)

  • Billionaire Tom Steyer: Starting a think tank network as big as that of the Koch brothers?
  • WSJ: Michael Mandelbaum's new book on globalization focuses on "establishment view" of globalization, most frequently citing Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE).
  • Senior Obama official on John Podesta: "He has the ball-breaking skills of Rahm Emanuel and the policy chops that come with running the Center for American Progress."
  • WPost: While head of CAP, John Podesta urged White House officials to appoint a senior adviser to tackle climate change and energy policy.
  • NYTimes on Jim DeMint shifting Heritage from policy to politics.
  • The boom of think tanks in a changing Arab world.
  • Salman Shaikh of Brookings: Think Tanks - A Social Good for the Global Community.
  • Neoconservative think tank influences on US policy.
  • James Carafano of Heritage Foundation: "When I come to work each day I don't think like I am part of a powerful think tank but a hungry start-up pushing the envelope."
  • Bobby Jindal's "pocket think tank," America Next.