Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Think Tank Quickies (#157)

  • Richard Branson and Amory Lovins create mega think tank for clean energy. 
  • Three pages of Sen. Rand Paul's book apparently plagiarized from Heritage, Cato.
  • What role can think tanks play in Washington's policymaking, via Global Times.
  • Indian PM Modi met with CAP president during his DC visit (Indian Embassy is a client of the lobbying firm that CAP founder Podesta co-founded with his brother).
  • George Will: A "fixture in the right-ring think tank infrastructure," serves on board of Bradley Foundation, which funds Heritage, Hudson, and AEI.
  • New group, Distinguished Executives Alumni Network (DEAN) to act as de facto think tank to advise policymakers and to serve as a resource for improving federal government.
  • Diplomat and think tank-circuit figure Robin Raphel, under investigation by FBI, is defended by lontime friend Ellen Laipson, head of the Stimson Center; former college boyfriend shared house with Strobe Talbott, who is now head of Brookings.
  • The role of think tanks in the EU policy process remains largely uncharted territory for political scientists.
  • Via Jamestown Foundation: Building think tanks with Chinese characteristics.
  • Linking think tank performance, decisions, and context.