Friday, April 10, 2015

Joe Scarborough Lashes Out at Think Tanks

On April 8, former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough unleashed a fury of rage at think tanks in Washington, DC who he says promote ongoing war activities in Afghanistan:
For people in think tanks in Washington, DC who are sitting there and trying to calculate this out, let them go [to Afghanistan].  Let them go over there.  Let their sons and daughters go over there.  When they want to sit and be chicken hawks and talk about how America needs to be all over the world, let them go and let them send their families.  It so easy for someone at the Brookings Institute [sic], not that Brookings would do this, but at a think tank or Heritage or anywhere...they say we need to stay in Afghanistan as long as it takes.

A video can be watched here.  It should be noted that think tanks have also lashed out at Joe Scarborough.