Friday, June 17, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#225)

  • Why DC think tanks can't figure out Trump, via Boston Globe. 
  • Link to essay by Robert Kagan (of Brookings) causes hell for NYT editor Jonathan Weisman.
  • CSIS's strong ties to Vietnam, via Greg Rushford (5/23/16).
  • Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet, Inc., stepping down as New America board chair but remains as chairman emeritus; Reihan Salam and Jonathan Soros appointed as board chairs.
  • Hoover Institution's Golden State poll.
  • Center for a New American Security launches drone website called Proliferated Drones.
  • CNAS brings in three new board members: Leanne Caret (Boeing), Thomas Campbell (DC Capital Partners), and Michael Sonnenfeldt (MUUS & Company).
  • RAND Corporation appoints Shira Efron as Special Advisor on Israel.
  • POGO report says think tanks still not registering with FARA.