Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#233)

  • Asymmetric polarization: Brookings moving right to stay in the center?
  • How conservative think tanks helped create the age of Trump; Trump supporter Michael Flynn speaks at Heritage.
  • New film (Starving the Beast) explores the influence of think tanks and lobbyists on America's public colleges and universities.
  • Max Abrahms: Under-studied research question is why think tanks are generally so much more supportive of regime change than the academics. 
  • Think tanks and advocacy groups fighting FDA ECig rule have something in common: Altria money.
  • Grizzly Bear Institute of Canada: best think tank name ever?
  • Video: Think tanks - what are they good for?  Conversation with Rohinton Medhora. 
  • Two new Taiwanese think tanks in DC.
  • ECFR: A hundred think tanks bloom in China.
  • The Onion: "Encouraging Report From Radical Extremist Think Tank Finds America No Safer Since 9/11."