Monday, January 29, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#298)

  • Two-part series in The Wire on US think tanks in India.
  • The crisis of African think tanks. 
  • Chinese hackers target think tanks to steal military strategic info; use more surgical strikes. 
  • Lenny Mendonca to chair New America board of directors.
  • WaPo's Anna Fifield: This is where we're at - a military strike on North Korea is now listed under "mainstream policy options" in papers out of Washington think tanks.
  • Duncan Weldon: When people worry your think tank output is so bad that they start to question if you are paid by a foreign power, you kind of have a problem.
  • Konrad Yakabuski: Canadian think tanks have a problem with transparency.
  • Chevy and National Millennium Community lead mobile think tanks for aspiring entrepreneurs. 
  • Raisina Dialogue: Why do women need to be better represented in leadership positions in think tanks?
  • Stephen Gordon: Guess who's got more credibility - professors, think tanks, or the CBC?
  • La France compte 53 think tanks.