Monday, January 25, 2021

Revolving Door Alert: Elaine Chao Returns to Hudson Institute

As liberal and moderate think tankers continue to flood into the Biden Administration, some top power players from the Trump Administration are quietly parking themselves back into the world of conservative think tanks.

It was announced today that former President Donald Trump's Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao, is rejoining the Hudson Institute as a Distinguished Fellow.  She will lead the think tank's public policy program on labor and transportation policy and economic leadership.

Chao had joined Hudson as a Distinguished Fellow in June 2016 and was only there for a few months before being confirmed as Trump's Secretary of Transportation.

At this point, however, many more people are leaving think tanks to join the Biden Administration rather than transitioning from the Trump Administration back into think tanks.

Think Tank Watch maintains a list, which it updates almost daily, to track the White House-think tank revolving door.