Thursday, April 18, 2013

USIP Asks DC to Move Constitution Ave.

The think tank United States Institute of Peace (USIP) is asking the DC government to move Constitution Avenue, a major street in Washington, DC.  USIP's address is 2301 Constitution Ave., NW.  Here is a map that you can zoom in on so you can get a better idea of the exact location being discussed.

Here is what NBC News 4 is reporting:
The traffic on Constitution Avenue is creating a buzz at the nearby United States Institute of Peace, and not in a good way.
News4 learned that the institute is requesting a section of the roadway be moved about 150 feet farther away from the building to “reduce noise and vibration.”
According to documents listed in the District Department of Transportation’s Transportation Improvement Program, a proposal is on the table to shift Constitution Avenue NW, between 23rd Street and the outbound Roosevelt Bridge.
But, DDOT is cautioning, this discussion is still in a very preliminary stage.
In addition to DDOT, the federal government is involved in the process and would have to complete an environmental assessment of the project before anything happens.
The Institute of Peace says in the near future it anticipates building out more undeveloped space on its property and expects many more visitors to the building.
You can watch a video about the issue here.

USIP was recently ranked as the 18th best think tank in the US by the University of Pennsylvania annual think tank rankings.