Tuesday, May 13, 2014

WSJ.com Launches New "Think Tank" Feature

The Wall Street Journal has launched a new feature called Think Tank, a section of WSJ.com that draws news and analysis from outside contributors from across the political spectrum.

According to WSJ, the goal of the new feature is to help strengthen its coverage of Washington politics, policy, and national security.  More details and other changes to WSJ.com can be found here.

So far, writers that have contributed to the Think Tank feature include: Jeff Horwitt, Richard Reeves, Linda Killian, David Wessel, Jim Manley, Dennis Ross, Ben Domenech, Timothy Noah, Jess McIntosh, Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, Brian Katulis, Stephen Sestanovich, John Feehery, Michael O'Hanlon, Peter Wehner, Kimberly Kagan, and Drew Altman.

Although this new feature is called "Think Tank," many of the blog posts have nothing to do with think tanks and are not written by think tankers.