Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Think Tank Quickies (#130)

  • Climate change-skeptical think tank CEI demanded corrections in Obama Climate Czar John Holdren's climate speech.
  • New CSIS report: Defense Department should prepare for big budget cuts. 
  • Security firm CrowdStrike works with a number of think tanks on a pro bono basis
  • CQ Weekly profiles Tim Daly, former legislative director for Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA), who this spring left for CAP to become director of campaigns for the think tank, focusing on guns and crime.
  • Cyberspies like breaking into think tanks and....algae farms? 
  • Think tank advice from Sola Oluwadare of AfriHeritage.
  • Think tank inclusion at the White House by Jeremy Shapiro in FT.
  • Think tanks in India need less activism and more research.
  • Building a Think-and-Do Tank by Lawrence McDonald and Todd Moss.
  • Picture: The Lego Movie think tank.