Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Think Tank Quickies (#132)

  • Think tanks do scientific method in reverse: start with your (cash-sponsored) conclusion, then search for scraps of supporting evidence?  Ouch.
  • The Employment Policies Institute isn't a think tank, via PR Watch.
  • Strong argument against making think tank donor lists public?
  • Heritage Action trolling Sen. Elizabeth Warren?
  • AEI scholar Marc Thiessen: The world is on fire.
  • Cato's Stephanie Rugolo: The richer we become the less impact we have on the environment.
  • Brookings: The Top 10 global cities sending FDI to the US.
  • Brookings: The federal government is failing now more than ever.
  • Brookings on the World Cup: FIFA is corrupt.
  • Think tank: Teach happiness in schools to slash mental health bill.