Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Think Tank Quickies (#150)

  • Will Brookings expand in India?  Is Chennai branch next...?
  • Growing stink about think tanks, by Alan Tonelson. 
  • Stanford Law School guide to think tank world. 
  • Think tanks face hurdle in answering Xi Jinping's call for "new type of Chinese think tank."
  • Think tanks too optimistic about "zero casualty war."
  • Former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd to become first president of Asia Society Policy Institute, described as a "new kind of think tank on the rise of Asia."
  • From AICGS at Johns Hopkins: How think tanks think.
  • Do think tanks send too many emails? (Think Tank Watch's answer: yes)
  • Is Russia "buying" Western think tanks and experts?
  • PBS Newshour's former foreign affairs and defense editor now watches wonks push policy in Washington's multitude of think tanks.