Friday, March 13, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#166)

  • Atlantic Council launches new strategy initiative on America's role in the world; Secretary of State John Kerry to speak at the think tank's "Road to Paris Climate Series."
  • New CFR InfoGuide explores the two Talibans.
  • Cool think tank event of the week: CSIS event on Confucius.
  • CSIS to host Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on March 17.
  • UK's Prospect Magazine has recently nominated 50 people for its 2015 top thinkers list, and some think tankers made the cut, including Bruce Katz and Tyler Cowen.
  • Leon Wieseltier, long-time literary editor of The New Republic, joins Brookings as Isaiah Berlin Senior Fellow in Culture and Policy.
  • Heritage Foundation releases first annual Index of US Military Strength.
  • AEI at CPAC 2015; AEI polls public opinion of the police.
  • Carnegie Moscow Center announces new online project.
  • CAP and SiX host state legislators for event on economic opportunity agenda for states; Michael Sozan (formerly with Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado) becomes CAP's VP of Government Affairs.