Friday, August 14, 2015

Think Tank Quickies (#186)

  • Brookings in a year-long development and redesign of its website to a top news site.
  • Defense think tank CSBA, which just went through major shake-up, is on a hiring spree.
  • Iran debate illustrates think tanks' niche in policy ecosystem.
  • Paul Maley wins 2015 Lowy Institute Media Award (and $20,000).
  • Many prestigious think tank refuse to pay their interns? (via USG official)
  • "What are think tanks saying (and who's paying)?" via Michael Harris at Guerilla Wire.
  • On Think Tanks organizing international online conference on think tank research methods.
  • Hong Kong think tanks can play a positive role, if their quality is up to scratch.
  • If fish tanks make you think happy thoughts, do think tanks?
  • DC, home to our nation's most impressive and frequently cited think tanks (pic).
  • Think tank launches summit to reshape Arab region.
  • The corporate community, think tanks, policy-discussion groups, and government, via UCSC.
  • Think tanks, lobbyists and the need for independent ideas in planning, via Chris Hale.
  • Think tanks and universities have a complementary role to play (from Stimson Center talk).
  • Jim Gilmore asked why he's running for president instead of doing something like running a think tank, and notes that he does head a think tank (i.e., Free Congress Foundation).
  • The role of think tanks in the EU policy process remains largely uncharted territory for political scientists.