Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#208)

  • RAND examines threats facing US and how to address them.
  • Nassim Taleb: Think tanks are literally BS vendors.
  • Hoover Inst. fellow Gen. Mattis hosted roundtable with senior military fellows from DC think tanks.
  • Jeffrey Lewis: It's a bad sign when you only hear about a think tank when it changes its name.
  • How Gulf States have used British think tanks.
  • Think tank (New America Foundation) taking aim at federal student loans. 
  • Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer attended events at Brookings...who paid and did he report it?
  • J.W. Mason of progressive Roosevelt Institute supports Bernie Sanders-like big fiscal stimulus, while other liberal economists (such as Austan Goolsbee of CAP) are vehemently against it.
  • China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi visits CSIS. 
  • CNAS proposes bipartisan national security agenda for an election year.