Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#213)

  • Think tank reports competing with 28,100 journals publishing 2.5 million articles a year. 
  • Legal Progress, the legal policy program at CAP, launches new website focusing on US Supreme Court: NeedTheNine.org; CAP hosts tech event with Google.
  • Liz Kennedy, formerly of Demos, joins CAP as Director of Government and Democratic Reform.
  • CAP teams up with Funny or Die to bring humor to Common Core debate; CAP hosts Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor.
  • New PIIE report from Robert Lawrence and Tyler Moran tries to defend January 2016 PIIE study by Peter Petri and Michael Plummer, which was criticized by some academics and lawmakers.
  • New PIIE study "Rich People, Poor Countries" by Carline Freund draws a distinction between rich-world billionaires and those of emerging economies.
  • Did anyone fall for the April Fool's piece on the Brookings-Heritage merger?
  • Brookings, AEI, and CAP present findings and lead discussions on electoral/policy implications of demographic change. 
  • Atlantic Council hires media guru David Ensor (most recently of VOA) to be EVP for External Relations; Adwoa Jones promoted to Atlantic Council's 1st Chief Talent Officer; former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Evelyn Farkas joins Atlantic Council as Nonresident Senior Fellow.
  • Atlantic Council and Qualcomm launch multi-year collaboration on US's tech leadership; Ryan Crocker to chair Task Force on the Future of Iraq.
  • President Obama nominates Chris Brummer of Atlantic Council as Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.