Thursday, April 14, 2016

Think Tank Quickies (#214)

  • Sen. John McCain's think tank received $1 million from Saudi Arabia.
  • Whole Foods CEO John Macket quits Marc Gafni's think tank (Center for Integral Wisdom).
  • New America: We are not on Instragram because we are a think tank.
  • Brookings interactive poverty map (think tank row is not poor).
  • CFR getting lots of Cabinet officials for events in April, including Secs. Pritzker (Commerce), Carter (Defense), and Lew (Treasury); SecDef Carter also does CSIS, and Lew does Carnegie.
  • RAND Corp. analysis spells doom for Taiwan (via Defense News).
  • What think tanks are thinking on Japan and the EU.
  • Heritage: Over 2 million manufacturing workers employed by foreign-owned companies.
  • PIIE: The moral case for globalization.
  • Head of Center for American Progress (CAP) bashes Bernie Sanders's campaign.
  • Think tanks represent a blind spot for critical analysis?