Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New Think Tank Quickies (#245)

  • Think tankers partying at Georgetown rape house?  Topless models covered in body paint mingled with foreign policy experts...lots of cocaine...
  • Tech companies tap new talent from academia (and think tanks)?
  • Donna Harris, co-founder of start-up incubator 1776, suggests she may move to a think tank.
  • Max Abrahms: Media treats think tanks like they're objective information sources rather than advocacy centers funded by ideologues with specific agendas.
  • Max Fisher: Will Gulf states pull $$ out of think tanks and put it into Trump hotel suites?  "Cheaper way to buy influence as think tank reach declines."
  • Surprisingly high numbers of safe spaces and grief counselors at DC think tanks...
  • First-ever "black girls think tank."
  • Careers in think tanks by Minna Islama Horowitz.
  • Clinton think tank asks for cash by depicting itself as the progressive firewall to Trump (via David Sirota).
  • Doing data journalism as a think tank.
  • Alt-right "think tank" comes to Washington?