Monday, May 1, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#268)

  • Think tank land is alive and well.
  • The serious role of gaming at RAND Corp.
  • Impact of institutions on foreign policy think tanks in France and Denmark.
  • A little-known think tank churns out doctored studies that portray an America under siege by immigrants, says New Republic.
  • This think tank studied Russian humor and Russia thought it was hilarious.
  • 6 ways think tanks can overcome angst about impact, via Sarah Lucas .
  • Daniel Kahneman talks at Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
  • H.R. McMaster's time at IISS creates clear conflict of interest?
  • Top Democrats urged libertarian think tank to stop mailing climate change skeptical materials to teachers.
  • Map of AEI scholars now at Trump White House.
  • Chinese think tank: Dalai Lama's successor must have China's endorsement.