Friday, May 19, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#272)

  • USIP chief Nancy Lindborg featured in Washington Life Magazine.
  • CNAS has launched a new Transatlantic Security Program and a new project on Evolving the Future Force.
  • Matt Bruening building left-wing think tank not reliant on corporate donors.
  • How women should respond to all-male think tank panels, via Kara Alaimo.
  • Eddie Williams, who ran leading black think tank for decades (Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies), dies.
  • AEI's Charles Murray gives introduction to The Bell Curve.
  • RAND Corp. on how information is being weaponized.
  • CAP's chief Neera Tanden protesting outside of the White House.
  • Bishop Jakes has global think tank?
  • Peter Navarro called the Peterson Institute the "pimps of globalization."