Monday, July 17, 2017

Think Tank Quickies (#276)

  • AEI President Arthur Brooks weighs in on whether or not think tanks matter.
  • Chart: Elite confidence in various think tanks, via Dan Drezner.
  • William Burns (president of Carnegie Endowment), Jessica Mathews (also Carnegie), Leon Wieseltier (Brookings), Marie-Josee Kravis (Hudson), and Niall Ferguson (Hoover) attend Bilderberg  2017.
  • Patrick Crowley (of Dayblink Consulting) to marry AEI senior media associate Meg Cahill.
  • Hudson Institute hosted spring reception in New York at home of Joe and Marlene Ricketts; UN Amb. Nikki Halley sat down with Hudson CEO Ken Weinstein for an off-the-record talk.
  • New America's Bretton Woods II at Sea event took place aboard super yacht of philanthropists John Evans and Steve Wozencraft.
  • CSIS President John Hamre among those who attended Brzezinski funeral.
  • Fred Kempe, Jim Jones, and Jon Huntsman of Atlantic Council dined at Cafe Milano ahead of their Distinguished Leadership Awards ceremony.
  • Drezner: By moving from Harvard to the Hoover Institution, Niall Ferguson was able to relinquish all of his teaching responsibilities, which had become a distraction for him.
  • Heritage Foundation was the only think tank that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko visited during his trip to Washington.