Thursday, March 1, 2018

Think Tank Quickies (#303)

  • US spy agency partnering with NGOs and think tanks to track North Korea. 
  • AEI head Arthur Brooks in HBR: How a Think Tank Measures the Impact of Ideas.
  • Think tank Century Foundation sues Education Dept. over public records request on college accrediting bodies. 
  • CAP releases "Medicare Extra For All" proposal.
  • $750k gift from Korea Foundation establishes chair in Korea Policy Studies at RAND; in August 2017, a $3 million gift established the Tang Chair in China Studies at the think tank.
  • Alex Chance: Think tanks and tax status - a note on the 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) tax categories.
  • Ellen Laipson: Think tanks step up in a polarized Washington where gov't trust is eroding.
  • Carrie (of Showtime's Homeland) applied for a job at Brookings.
  • New York Times journalists trying to quote more female think tank experts.
  • Brookings does wonky Valentine's cards.