Monday, June 21, 2021

Think Tank Quickies (#417)

  • Centre for Long-Term Resilience issued a report called "Future Proof" making the case that "we are currently living with an unsustainably high level of extreme risk."
  • Bush China Foundation received $5 million grant from China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF).
  • Ben Schreer appointed as Executive Director of IISS's new Berlin office.
  • Foreign influence and think tanks at the witness table, via POGO.
  • Is a nonprofit think tank job right for you? (via Harvard Business Review).
  • 2020 flashback: CNAS CEO Richard Fontaine proposed a New Atlantic Charter for the post-COVID era.
  • Hudson Institute's Rebeccah Heinrichs received hate mail after publishing piece on Chinese drones.
  • EUISS: How the US does foresight; how China does foresight; how Russia does foresight.
  • Launch of the Pulaski Institute, a "think tank focused on building a better global future that leaves fewer places behind."
  • TNR: "Idaho Freedom Foundation, a conservative think tank, released a report accusing colleges of indoctrinating students in 'social justice ideology' and training them to 'identify, shame, and destroy oppressors,' who are, the report underscored, typically Christian, white, and male."