Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Think Tank Quickies (#433)

  • Aspen Institute organizes global coalition pledging to commit to zero-emission ocean shipping by 2040.
  • Kevin Rudd recently said that a Cold War between China and the US was "probable and not just possible."
  • New book "Only the Rich Can Play" documents rise of Economic Innovation Group and how it got Opportunity Zones legislation passed.
  • Council on Strategic Risks: Climate change could increase the potential for conflict between India and China.
  • Chinese state-owned think tank flags national security risks of metaverse, citing potential political and social problems.
  • Want to start a national security think tank?
  • Handbook on think tanks in public policy.
  • Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber: Why college rankings are a problem.
  • Interview with Yuang Peng, head of CICIR, suggests he is cautiously encouraged with Biden so far.
  • Institute of Creative Technologies: A Hollywood think tank that explores the potential uses of machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and video game engines.