Monday, December 5, 2022

Think Tank Quickies (#460)

  • The American Growth Project by the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, a business policy think tank, says the center of gravity for US economic activity is moving away from the East Coast.
  • Humanity's growing knowledge slowing great ideas from think tankers?  Also see this.
  • Richard Nixon Foundation held its inaugural Grand Strategy Summit. 
  • Aspen Institute announced the formation of a roughly 40-member Global Cybersecurity Group.
  • Melanie Zaber on how the culture at RAND Corp. is different from academia and other think tanks.
  • Did you know RAND has its own song?
  • Chinese think tanks on US chip policy.
  • Liang-chih Evans Chen, a researcher for the Institute for National Defense and Security Research, Taiwan's top military think tank, says that Xi Jinping's consolidation of power means he is more likely to "accomplish...the unification of Taiwan."
  • George Mason professor Ed Maibach insists that although George Mason is home to the libertarian think tank Mercatus Center that's received generous funding from entities linked to Charles and David Koch, his work has never been subjected to ideological pressure from university colleagues or administrators.
  • Video: Scholars at CIGS discuss US think tanks.