Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Think Tank Quickies (#475)

  • Brookings and staff union reach initial one-year agreement.
  • GOP think tank wonks trying to get their party not to detonate the debt limit bomb. 
  • CGD is not an "eat what you kill" think tank.
  • NYT: There are military contractors and even analysts at think tanks who have some level of security clearance.
  • Scottish Tory MSPs launch "think tank of sorts" at conference.
  • Think tanks find out information about Chinese police stations in the US before FBI?
  • Casey Michel: "Biden is letting think tanks and dodgy foreign funders get cozy again."
  • Ember: "An independent energy think tank."
  • Stephen Walt, a former think tanker, on how to succeed in the foreign policy blob.
  • DJ Khaled spoke at MBS's personal think tank.