Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Trend: Pop-Up Think Tanks

A pop-up think tank called POPse claims to be the "world's first pop-up social enterprise think tank."  It launched on May 9, 2011 and disbanded May 13, 2011.  In other words, it existed for five days.

Here is a video about POPse:

LHBS, which bills itself as an "interdisciplinary strategic think tank," started a pop-up think tank in Salzburg, Austria.

Even museums and corporations are following the trend.  Last year, the Guggenheim Museum and BMW launched its first BMW Guggenheim Lab which was described like this:
A minimalist open-air structure designed by Tokyo-based Atelier Bow-Wow is a pop-up think tank, event space, and pavilion that will offer free movie screenings, lectures, and workshops relating to the theme of “Confronting Comfort.”
The Lab calls itself a "mobile laboratory traveling around the world to inspire innovative ideas for urban life."

How long will it take for pop-up fatigue to set in?