Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Think Tank Quickies #3

  • On the Koch brother's funding of Canada's Fraser Institute.
  • French think tank Fondapol sets up interactive simulator to predict French elections.
  • Russian billionaire investing $100 million in new think tank called Be Open.
  • Mark Schmitt (Roosevelt Institute) interviews Tevi Troy (Hudson) on think tanks.
  • Cool chart of Canadian think tanks by ideology and budget size.
  • On Douglas Holtz-Eakin and his think tank American Action Forum (AAF). 
  • Chinese activist asked to join Hu Jintao's think tank? 
  • Two South Korean think tanks reportedly obtain copy of Kim Jong-il's will. 
  • Prominent German think tanker at EAG in plagiarism scandal
  • Have think tanks made thinking impossible? 
  • The think tanks behind "Cameronism."