Thursday, June 7, 2012

Think Tank Quickies #8

  • New Asian think tank Fung Global Institute has launched.
  • IBM's think tank gets a new leader.
  • "Think Tank 20" on the new challenges for the global economy.
  • Is Ploughshares using think tanks to influence US nuclear weapons policy? 
  • The Washington Diplomat on the US Institute of Peace (USIP). 
  • The Koch brothers new website,
  • Think tank MassINC defends anonymous donors. 
  • Who took the "think" out of think tanks?  (An attack on conservative think tanks.)
  • Could crowd-driven think tanks be weapons of mass instruction? 
  • Marion O. Sandler, billionaire funder of Center for American Progress (CAP), died. 
  • Former Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX) has joined AEI.