Monday, June 4, 2012

Who Will Be Heritage Foundation's New President?

Today the Washington Post reports about a new generation of leaders coming to think tank land.  The article also notes that Heritage President Edwin Feulner will be stepping down soon.
In the past 18 months, many of the leaders associated with institutions such as the Rand Corp., the Center for New American Security, the Asia Society, the Urban Institute and several other think tanks have stepped down or announced plans to do so.
Even Edwin Feulner — a founding trustee when the Heritage Foundation opened its doors in 1973 and president since 1977 — will be exiting.
Although Heritage has not announced a successor, it says a process for Feulner, 70, to step down is likely to be announced later this year. David Addington, who served as vice-presidential chief of staff to Richard B. Cheney, was recently added to the think tank’s two-person executive team, a sign that some say makes him a primary internal candidate for the position.
Besides Addington, any guesses on Heritage's new president?  Based on the latest figures, Feulner's annual income from Heritage was $947,999.