Monday, July 2, 2012

One Think Tanker Makes Digital Power Index

Only one think tanker made the Newsweek/Daily Beast 100 Digital Power Index, a listing of the top 100 people who had "outstanding performances in their individual digital fields" during the past year.  Congratulations go to Sasha Meinrath, Director of New America Foundation's (NAF) Open Technology Initiative (OTI).

Here is what is said about Mr. Meinrath:
Since 2009, Sascha Meinrath has been spearheading the Open Technology Initiative at New America Foundation: an effort to develop open-source, low-cost community wireless networks, particularly in underserved areas. In April, the NAF announced the formation of the OTI and named Meinrath a vice president of the foundation. It’s no surprise that Meinrath was one of the more prominent Internet culture leaders to oppose SOPA and PIPA last year.
Here is his NAF biography along with his recent publications, events he has been involved with, blog posts, and press he has received.

The full 100 list can be viewed here.