Friday, October 26, 2012

No More Secret Carbon Tax Meetings for AEI?

The Hill is reporting that American Enterprise Institute (AEI) will be holding an "open door" carbon tax meeting after a similar meeting the think tank hosted earlier in the year received lots of attention for being a "closed door" event.

Here is what The Hill is saying:
A conservative think tank will host a forum next month on carbon tax proposals — and this time it’s on the record.
The American Enterprise Institute is the venue for the Nov. 13 event on the economics of carbon taxes, which AEI is hosting with two other think tanks — the Brookings Institution and Resources for the Future — and the International Monetary Fund.

Gilbert E. Metcalf, the Treasury Department’s deputy assistant secretary for environment and energy, is scheduled to deliver the keynote address.
AEI in July drew fire from the right for hosting closed-door discussions about carbon taxes with a group of advocates and policy wonks, and November’s conference could prompt fresh criticism. A few of the carbon tax experts who participated in the closed-door panels will speak at the November event.
The forum is separate, however, from the series of private discussions about a carbon tax that have taken place over the last couple years between an ad-hoc, left-right group.
Here is a previous Think Tank Watch post on AEI's "secret" carbon tax meeting held during the summer.