Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Think Tank Heads React to Obama's Win

Center for American Progress (CAP) President and CEO Neera Tanden had this to say about President Obama's win:
This election offered a clear choice between an America that works for everyone, and a top-down America that works only for the wealthy few. The outcome was decisive: voters chose an America where everyone pays their fair share, where we create shared prosperity by strengthening the middle class, and where we treat all people with dignity and respect. As we look forward to the critical issues Washington faces, this election was a decisive mandate for a fair tax system where the wealthy contribute to address our deficit challenges. No issue was more litigated in the campaign than a fairer tax system and Americans will expect real action on this and other important priorities.
Here is an excerpt from what Heritage Foundation President Ed Fuelner had to say:
Yes, conservatives are disappointed that a President who recklessly spent trillions, expanded government and put many of our values and institutions at risk has won a second term. But many of us have been here before. In Washington, there are no permanent victories or permanent defeats, just permanent battles.
Now is the time to stand up and declare we will continue to fight against big government and for freedom.
We will see unfold over the next four years a crucial battle for the soul of America. This struggle requires committed warriors for the cause. The line must be held against bad policy while we continue advocating conservative solutions. We must fight against the efforts to divide the country through class warfare.
The Heritage Foundation has started a new webpage ( asking people to commit to five issues it deems most critical:
  • We must repeal Obamacare and bring real health care solutions for the American people based on consumer choice and free market principles.
  • We must cut spending, fix the debt, reform entitlements, and balance the budget within ten years without raising taxes.
  • We must ensure our nation has a strong national defense.
  • We must restore limited, constitutional government.
  • We must preserve American exceptionalism, because we think Lincoln was right when he called America “the last, best hope of earth.”
As of this morning, 1,791 people have signed the Heritage pledge.

Here is a Washington Post article on what Heritage Action for America, the lobbying wing of the Heritage Foundation, is saying about the Obama win.

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