Friday, January 18, 2013

Chinese Think Tank Head Removed in Sex Scandal

Here is what the Associated Press is reporting:
A Marxist theoretician has been removed as head of an important, but obscure Communist Party research institute over a sex scandal as China’s new leadership moves to end the latest, embarrassing revelation of high-level sleaze.
The removal of Yi Junqing as director of the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, which was announced Thursday, has been anticipated for weeks since the appearance online of a salacious account supposedly written by a female post-doctoral fellow at the bureau who was a former lover of Yi.
The 210-page document — which was a brief Internet sensation before it was scrubbed off the web — chronicled the illicit relationship between Yi and Chang Yan, from December 2011 to November 2012.
Chang said she bribed Yi with tens of thousands of yuan in cash and slept with him to get her fellowship turned into a permanent position only to discover he was not going to help and that he had other lovers.
The scandal is reflective of how deeply embedded corruption is in the corridors of power, even in stuffy think-tanks, and of the hypocrisy of professed communists.
Here is another article on the think tank sex scandal.

In other think tank sex news, this UK think tank has just recommended that the government lower the age of consent to 14.