Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Think Tank Quickies #35

  • CSIS's Asia "forecast" event to feature live audience opinion polling.  A new trend?
  • CASS, China's top think tank, raises 2013 growth forecast to 8.4%.
  • Cato's Richard Rahn on why he is thankful for think tanks, how they balance a "myopic" government, and the most recent think tank rankings.
  • On Hong Kong's new development think tanks.
  • New Heritage leader DeMint tops think tank's Hill scorecard on conservatism.
  • African think tanks feel funding pinch.
  • On think tanks in Latin America.
  • Amazing fact of the day: Slate used to be housed at AEI. 
  • Cato's "Libertarian State of the Union" to be aired on C-SPAN3 tonight.