Monday, February 4, 2013

No Indian Think Tanks in Top 50 Rankings

Here is what the Hindustan Times just pointed out:
Not one Indian think tank figures in the Global 50 annual list for 2012 released by the University of Pennsylvania end-January. China beats India in this area as well and so do, in some specific cases, think tanks from such countries as Ethiopia, Cost Rica, Brazil, Egypt, and Argentina.  The best India has managed is the Centre for Civil Society (CCS) at Number 51.
Indeed, no Indian think tank makes the top 50 list in terms of the top 50 non-US think tanks worldwide.

As Think Tank Watch noted in this previous post, the Brookings Institution just opened up Brookings India, and it will be interesting to see whether that think tank can help India crack the top 50 in the next think tank rankings.