Monday, March 4, 2013

Think Tank Quickies #43

  • Why have Indian think tanks failed to find their way into global rankings?
  • CEI says EPA helps friends FOIAs, while foes' are delayed or blocked.
  • Brussels think tanks on Twitter: A performance ranking.
  • CEIP's Ray Struyk on managing human and financial resources at think tanks. 
  • Guyana think tank accuses Canadian mining firm of exploitation, corruption. 
  • Brookings scholar and former Obama adviser Vali Nasr criticizes Obama on Afghan War. 
  • CEIP scholar Moises Naim on the end of power and stability. 
  • AEI President Arthur Brooks op-ed on Republicans and their "faulty moral arithmetic." 
  • Cato's new Distinguished Senior Fellow, Czech President Vaclav Klaus, faces treason charges. 
  • Stimson Center wins $1 million MacArthur Foundation award. 
  • Ranking the top Latin American think tanks. 
  • 60 ways RAND has made a difference.