Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Think Tank Quickies #45

  • CFR's Thomas Bollyky makes World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders Class of 2013.
  • Cato's Patrick Michaels on the anatomy of DC's snowstorm forecast bust.
  • CSIS's James Lewis documents reports identifying by name Chinese cyber spies or units.
  • Cato University 2013 to be held July 28 - August 2 in Washington, DC.
  • On think tank row, a China critic from China. 
  • WikiLeaks: Malaysia's most prominent think tanks. 
  • US think tanks used to promote Malaysia.
  • Think tank''s ideas shifted as Malaysia ties grew (2005 flashback). 
  • Atlantic Community, an online collaborative think tank, tackles transatlantic issues. 
  • A Q&A with Dr. James McGann on think tank rankings and Chinese think tanks.
  • Former NAF Schwartz Fellow Chris Hayes gets 8pm time slot on MSNBC.