Friday, March 8, 2013

Think Tank Watch Turns 1

This week is Think Tank Watch's one-year anniversary.  Here is a look back at some of the think tank highlights covered during the past year:
  • The Koch v. Cato fiasco.
  • Think tank rankings.
  • Best food experiences at a think tank.
  • The revolving door of think tanks.
  • The trend of women running think tanks.
  • Think tank salaries, compensation, and finances.
  • The connection between think tanks and lobbyists.
  • Think tanks and spies.
  • Think tank trends, such as "pop-up" think tanks.
  • Cyberspying on think tanks.
  • Think tank junkets.
  • Leadership turnover at PIIE, Heritage, CNAS, USIP, etc...
  • The explosion of libertarian think tanks and think tank partnerships.
  • Think tank book reviews.
  • The presidential campaigns and think tanks.
  • The move of Members of Congress to think tanks.
  • The think tank-media connection.
  • The establishment of new think tanks.
  • Foreign influence at think tanks.
  • Think tank war games.
  • Cool think tank events.
  • Washington's evolving think tank scene.
  • The expansion of Brookings to India; the upcoming moves of AEI and CSIS.
  • The end of think tank coverage of The Washington Post.
  • And much, much, much more.

Think Tank Watch looks forward to another productive year of think tanking.  Tips for stories are always welcome at info (at)