Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Think Tank Quickies #53

  • CFR on why chemotherapy that costs $70,000 in the US costs $2,500 in India.
  • R Street's Ike Brannon on solving the parking problem in Dupont Circle. 
  • Brookings Visiting Fellow Cass Sunstein on Colbert Report to discuss making gov't simpler.
  • PIIE Editorial Director Steven Weisman's "5 Myths About Taxes."
  • Carnegie Moscow Center nuclear expert Alexei Arbatov says that China should tell the world what exactly is hidden in its tunnels and mountain silos.
  • Brookings event on marijuana legalization. 
  • Wilson Center event: "Peanut Butter, Community-Based Conservation, and Other Innovative Development Approaches in East Africa's National Parks." 
  • What is the future of think tank communications. 
  • Hoover Institution Distinguished Fellow George Shultz to lead Obama delegation to Thatcher funeral with Jim Baker. 
  • DC Council candidate Patrick Mara agreed to help conservative think tank DC Progress raise money from his campaign donors in exchange for a "consulting fee" or a portion of the money raised.