Thursday, April 25, 2013

Think Tank Quickies #56

  • Boston bomber tied to conservative think tank?
  • Chatham House talk: "Twitter is faster than the CIA and sometimes more accurate."
  • It's time Zimbabwe should consider independent think tanks. 
  • CFR billionaire member Stephen Schwarzman establishes $300 million China scholarship program.
  • 15 ways of measuring think tank policy outcomes.
  • New Tax Policy Center (TPC) analysis finds most would pay higher taxes in Obama budget.
  • Why policy-making shouldn't be outsourced to right-wing think tanks. 
  • Are think tanks losing their intellectual independence and integrity? 
  • Rand Paul skips opening of his father's think tank. 
  • Google Ideas Director Jared Cohen makes 2013 Time 100 list. 
  • Former USIP EVP Tara Sonenshine leaving State Department.