Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Think Tank Quickies #62

  • Disclosing the funding of think tanks in Australia.
  • New Bahrain think tank MEPAR to help improve workings of government.
  • Chinese think tank CASS urged to research "Chinese dream."
  • Four think tanks release thoughts on a new European Global Strategy.
  • Joshua Foust: "Brookings has more Directors than most think tanks have research staff, and more fellows than most countries have policy researchers."
  • The sociology of think tanks. 
  • Bruce Bartlett attacks AEI columnist and blogger James Pethokoukis. 
  • RAND's 2013 Behavioral Finance Forum (BeFi) to be held May 31.
  • Brookings Institution: What do its numbers tell us
  • A 2% inflation target out of reach for Japan, says group of 11 think tanks.