Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Think Tank Quickies #64

  • "Ask CFR Experts" and live-streamed meetings now part of CFR's public outreach.
  • Thinking about think tanks in Turkey and Georgia. 
  • CAP names Matt-Lee Ashley, former Dept. of Interior official, as Senior Fellow.
  • PIIE President Adam Posen gives presentation at event sponsored by Japan's Cabinet Office.
  • New NED Report: Democracy think tanks in action.
  • Think Tank Fund (TTF) of Open Society Foundations grant: Think Tank Young Professionals Development Program
  • The case for data-focused think tanks.
  • Atlantic Council announces "Startup Dosti" Indo-Pak business plan competition. 
  • Wilson Center announces 2013-2014 Fellowship Class; NAF announces 2014 Fellows.
  • Azerbaijani Foreign Minister meets with heads of leading US think tanks.