Thursday, June 27, 2013

Think Tank Quickies #69

  • AEI launches Center on Higher Education Reform (CHER).
  • New think tank aims to solve end of life issues.
  • Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng to move to pro-life think tank? 
  • Worldviews Conference 2013 in Toronto, Canada has panel on coverage of research findings from higher education and think tanks. 
  • Atlas Leadership Academy: Financial planning for your think tank. 
  • New public policy think tank, The Policy Scotland Centre, launched at Glasgow University. 
  • Stephen Bosworth, former US Special Envoy to North Korea, to head US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Cato Institute's Home Study Course.
  • Foundation for the Future (FFF): The Role of Think Tanks in Supporting Dialogue and Consensus Building discussion to be held in Amman, Jordan July 2-4. 
  • Video: Heritage scholar vs. 10-year-old. 
  • On think tank polarization.