Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Venezuela Sets Up Think Tank to Study Chavez's Ideas

Here is what the Wall Street Journal is reporting:
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, still smarting from the death of his predecessor and mentor Hugo Chávez this year, is taking the latter's "Bolivarian Revolution" to a new level, setting up an institute for advanced study of the ideas of the nation's late socialist firebrand.
Mr. Maduro, who has called himself the political "son" of Mr. Chávez and claimed that his mentor's spirit appeared to him in the form of a bird, signed a decree creating the "institute for the advanced studies of the thinking of the Supreme Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez Frias," according to the government's daily legislative review published Tuesday.

Such a long think tank name will create the tricky challenge of creating a cool acronym.  Any ideas?  Taking just the first letter of each word, the acronym for the Institute for the Advanced Studies of the Thinking of the Supreme Commander Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias would be IFTASOTTOTSCHRCF.  By dropping some of the minor words it can be shortened to IASTSCHRCF.

They are going to need a think tank just to study how to create a short acronym for the think tank.

Of the 6,603 think tanks in the world, there are 721 think tanks in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the latest rankings by the University of Pennsylvania.  That report also says that Venezuela has 17 think tanks.