Thursday, August 1, 2013

Think Tank Quickies #74

  • The role of think tanks in New Hampshire politics.
  • China's State Councillor Yang Jeichi attends 2nd Forum of Interchange between China, Latin America, and Caribbean think tanks, co-hosted by China Foundation for International Studies and Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs.
  • Defense One issues 1st edition of "In the Tank" - a weekly roundup of think tank reports related to defense, technology, national security, foreign policy, and management issues.
  • How think tanks are pushing government to better leverage data. 
  • Two disciplines most think tanks lack: designers and philosophers? 
  • Think tank in Bolivia: An analysis
  • CFR President Richard Haass to chair All-Party talks in Northern Ireland; former OECD Ambassador Karen Kornbluh joins CFR as a Senior Fellow for Digital Policy.
  • CAP & US Chamber of Commerce team up to host discussion on early childhood education.
  • CAP recommends US natural gas use must peak by 2030.
  • Meet the elite think tank community doing its best to "control the world."