Monday, September 9, 2013

Obama Administration Using Liberal Think Tanks to Sell Syria Intervention

As the Obama Administration tries to sell intervention in Syria, it is using liberal think tanks to make the case for a strike against that country.

On Friday, September 6, US Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN) Samantha Power gave an address at the Center for American Progress (CAP) on the need for action in Syria.  A video can be watched here.

CAP has an extremely close connection to the Obama Administration, and dozens of former staffers from the think tank have gone on to join the Administration.  Conversely, many former Obama Administration officials are now housed at CAP.

Today (September 9) President Obama's National Security Adviser Susan Rice will be giving on speech on Syria at the New America Foundation (NAF).  The think tank will be streaming a live webcast of the event.

On September 1, 2013, Anne-Marie Slaughter, officially began her new position as President and CEO of NAF.  Dr. Slaughter was the former Director of Policy Planning at the US State Department under President Obama.