Thursday, September 5, 2013

Think Tank Quickies #79

  • CFR President Richard Haass criticizes President Obama over Syria.
  • Heritage Action leaves GOP "in the lurch" on government shutdown.
  • The Washington Diplomat: Libertarian Cato breaks bipartisan mold.
  • The Washington Diplomat: Lugar Institute aims to bridge chasm between Capitol Hill, Embassy Row.
  • Employment Policies Institute (EPI) full-page ad in WSJ attacking a possible $15 minimum wage.
  • Can think tank experts ever be wrong?  The example of Brookings' Kenneth Pollack.
  • First annual meeting of Pak-China think tanks concludes.
  • J.W. Thacker of Western Kentucky U. reviews "Leading the Way: The Story of Ed Fuelner and the Heritage Foundation."
  • David Brodwin: "Americans lose when think tanks become lobbyists."
  • Alejandro Chafuen on expanding the reach of think tanks and the growing relevance of online media.